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Universal Shoring Props

Universal Shoring Props

Universal Shoring Props

Universal Shoring Props

Universal Shoring Props

Universal Shoring Props

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Construction Shoring Prop is a telescopic tubular steel piece of construction equipment. It is used as a temporary support. Shoring props are known by several names including: scaffolding prop, formwork prop, industrial prop, building prop, shore prop, acro prop, acro jack, acrow prop and post shores. They are height adjustable by a wide diameter screw thread, which is on the outside of the tube. The use of a screw thread means that the props are able to be tightened when already in place, which allows the user to adjust the load that each one bears.

A typical use is to support an existing vertical beam while supports are removed or restored. The base jack and U head jack of shoring props have a 150mm x 150mm or 120mm x 120mm surface area, so they are great for supporting a vertical load but are at risk of toppling if there is any sideways force. If this is a possibility, shoring props should be strutted or braced with scaffolding tubes.

Shoring Prop Details


Shoring Prop


Steel Q235 


D40mm/D48mm /D56mm/D60mm/76mm


Electro Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Painted, Powder Coated


OEM is Available

Shoring Prop Size List

ClassSeriesOuter Tube [mm]Inner Tube [mm]Adjusting NutEnd Plate [mm]Protection CapSurface TreatmentWeight [Kg]Extension Length [mm]Bearing Capacity [kN]
Class BB3060.348.3Forged Steel120x120x6YesElectro Galvanized14.21800-300020-25
Class DD3076.163.5Forged Steel120x120x6YesElectro Galvanized17.861800-300030-40
Class EE3076.163.5Forged Steel120x120x8YesElectro Galvanized19.521800-3000≥40


•Simple and flexible structure

•Strong and durable

•Easy to assemble and disassemble

•Versatile with variable height adjustment

•Convenient for storage and transportation

•Economic and practical.