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Shoring Prop Sleeve

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Prop sleeve is used in steel shoring prop. The prop sleeve is threaded rolled type which gives extra strength to the pipe.

Prop Sleeve Specification

NameShoring Prop Sleeve
Tube SizeD48mm,D60mm,D76mm
SurfaceElectro Galvanized/Self Color/Painted/HDG

To support the scaffolding prop used in the highways/Subways,Slab support,staircase,stage platforms,bridge support,mobile tower ,Tunnels and Fire Electrical Engineering,Marine Engineering

Advantage:Durable, Stable, Skid-proof, Antirust, Easy to assemble & Dismantle

Shoring Prop Sleeve Manufacturing

Testing for shoring prop sleeve


How To Use Shoring Prop Sleeve

Package For Shoring Prop Sleeve